We are Bethig.

If you are looking to broaden your reach and improve your conversions then you need to be using content marketing. Content Marketing shows your brand as an authority to your potential clients and increases conversions. If you want it done right then you need somebody who can show you how. We are that somebody.

Who we are.

We are a group of passionate internet marketers who became fed up with the fact that the best marketing startegies were only accessible by the larger companies. We wanted to make sure that smaller, local businesses had access to these tools and strategies. As a result we created a strategy and methodology that was supple enough to be unique for each company, yet robust enough to actual provide results in a cost effective way


CEO/Project Manager


Head Writer




Social Media


Content is the backbone of our strategy. This not only shows you as an expert in the vertical or niche that you operate in but also provides something engaging and informative to your site visitors


By utilising free social media platforms to spread the word from your company we can expand your reach and find engaged visitors who are more likely to buy from you. Our strategies use tools and outlets that you either have already or are simple to set up. This way you can work like the bigger companies on a local business budget.


We make sure your digital presence is as solid as your brick and mortar one. Not only will it engage your potential customers but it will re-enforce your brand message. Your visitors will be in no doubt who you are no matter how they find you.


By staying within your current brand guidelines, your marketing message will remain clear across all your channels, whether that is online or off.

How we work.

1 We engage with you from the start so that you can be sure that you know who you are trying to attract into your business. If you are new to creating buyer personas or are an old hand, we can provide as much or as little help as you need to really define who your target customer is, where they hang out and what they will respond to in your marketing messages.

2 We work with you to make sure that your online presence is not only optimised to be seen by the search engines but we also that you have the best chance of getting your ideal customer into your sales funnel.

3 Whether it is a long term marketing strategy or you want results tomorrow we work with you to get results.