How creating a business and marketing are like being a parent

In Content Marketing, Small Business Marketing by Lloyd Bettell-Higgins

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Now here is an article I resonate with quite closely. At GoodMenProject.Com, Jackee Wong describes how being a parent can give you the skills to run your business. I have always thought of my business as a child myself and as my children get older I can see more and more correlation between the maturity of them and my business. As Wong puts it… What skills have been brought to my work-life from being a father? That was when I realized, “OMG, I look at my marketing projects like they are babies!” And it turns out that, rather than the growth of a beard, was probably what led to my sudden career progression in the last three years, going from a junior supervisor to a department head. So, from prenatal care to your kid’s first day of kindergarten (sorry, my kid is three, this is all the experience I have), how do you apply what you learned as a parent to digital marketing?

If you imagine your business as a newborn in the startup phase you can see the amount of nurturing and attention it requires.

It will take up all of your time and dedication so that you can be sure you are doing the right thing for them. This stage, along with every other, is also full of indecision and doubt but you still have to push on regardless and do the best you can. This can be even more confusing with the amount of ‘helpful’ advice that you come across or are kindly provided with.

As a parent, what I faced were myriad of divergent opinions: “you should do this, you should do that, you are doing this right, you are doing this wrong.” Everyone has an opinion, from your father to the random waitress at your usual restaurant who never manages to get your order right (I said NO SUGAR!!!!). How do you sort through which information source to listen to? Whose advice do you take?

So those of you who are already parents I am sure you can see how this analogy resonates. You can only do your best based on the information you have and what feels right and at the end of the day, only time will tell how well we have done.

At the end of the day, you just remember one thing: if you do everything you are supposed to, good things will most likely happen.  Good parenting will give you a good kid.

So once you get to the end and look back and proudly see that your creation has become a good thing and is doing well then you know you have done right.

Here is to getting to the end and being able to appreciate the effort we put in.