More Leads For Your Business? 3 Ways to Get Free Leads

More Leads For Your Business? 3 Ways to Get Free Leads

In Small Business Marketing by Lloyd Bettell-Higgins

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What is most likely to be an overlooked story gives 3 little-known examples of how you can get more leads for your business. Leads are the lifeblood of any business whether that is B2B or you are looking for consumers to bring into your business.

Getting new customers isn’t always the easiest thing to be doing for your business. In fact, as they say in the article: leads online is not getting easier. New data shows things are only going to get harder for marketing teams. In order to optimize a team’s time, marketers should invest in passive lead generation strategies that generate leads at low costs.


So let’s make this easier by using a trio of tactics that are not always the most obvious and therefore are not used by many businesses. Now, the following are very profitable tactics and should not be overlooked just because others aren’t doing it.

  1. Directories
  2. Curation-focused pillar content
  3. Develop partnerships

1. Directories

Directories can give you some great exposure for very little effort and are a great way to get started on focusing your marketing efforts. marketplaces and listing sites can produce a steady stream of leads. While the effectiveness of directories varies by industry, marketers can get a jump on their competition by optimizing a listing or being the first to get listed. For example, in the digital agency industry, an agency has several different places to list their services: Digital Agency Network, Clutch and Agency Spotter are all collections of agencies.

2.Curation-focused pillar content

As you may know, we are great advocates of curating content and here is a great way to use that content in a way that will get more customers into your business. (Remember we can help you with this if you want to put out more content but don’t know where to start!) alternative is creating curated-focused pillar content pages. Pillar content is a new way to approach content marketing. The technique involves creating a unique piece of content that targets a topic related to your business that a marketing team wants to rank for on a SERP. A business will then link to this piece of pillar content on its own site in addition to having the page receive outbound links. Some great examples of highly effective pillar pages show that marketing teams don’t need to invest in pieces with thousands of words but rather can rely on curation. They can still produce amazing content, while saving time.

3.Develop partnerships

Business owners can sometimes be a little reluctant to create partnerships as they feel that they are going to be working with competitors. But as point out, you can find a sympathetic business with similar customers that will work well within your own business. stuck? Think about investing in a partnership with another company that sells to a similar audience as your own business. Working with another company that sells to a similar audience may seems counterintuitive. Working together may require a low investment and may prove beneficial for both partners.



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