Small Business Marketing Round Up: Episode #6

Small Business Marketing Round Up: Episode #6

In Small Business Marketing by Lloyd Bettell-Higgins

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SO another episode has come to fruition bringing you the best articles of the week that will inform you and help you to move your business forward as well. This week we are more on the information side than the how to but I hope you will find it just as interesting. We look at how Tai Lopez used social media to his advantage, things to look out for in the coming year, a great new service by Google, how content and SEO work together, why we should always be authentic in our marketing and a forecast of where the marketing budgets will be going next year. All great stuff from Entrepreneur.Com, SearchEngineLand.Com,, MarketingWeek.Com and Marketing-Interacive.Com.

So here is what we have in store for you.

  1. Tai Lopez Reveals the Secrets He Used to Make Millions From Social Media
  2. 18 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018
  3. Google’s new #SmallThanks Hub automatically creates digital & printed marketing assets for SMBs
  4. How to Combine SEO & Content for Bigger Wins
  5. ‘Authenticity means admitting you want to sell stuff’
  6. 2018 Budget: Where will marketers spend their dollars?


Tai Lopez Reveals the Secrets He Used to Make Millions From Social Media

Entrepreneur always have some great insights into how people are managing their own brands and here we have a look in to how Tai Lopez turned his own brand on social media into a small fortune.

It’s easier than you think to transform your social media profile into a lucrative business.

Think about how you use social media. Is it simply a method to connect with people? A distraction from boredom at work? Or is it a tool to reach thousands—even millions—of qualified customers?

Lopez makes eight figures in revenue per year thanks to his colossal social media following. He went from 600,000 to 6 million Facebook fans last year alone, and has over 2.4 million Instagram followers.

18 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

With the new year fast approaching we turn to things we should look out for when it comes to marketing our businesses. year saw the release of new technologies like Google Home and the iPhone X. Digital advertising expanded gains made last year over television advertising, and markets rewarded brands that bet big on innovation and customer service (think Tesla and Amazon). As 2018 approaches, there are a number of new marketing trends poised to make a significant impact on go-to-market strategy.

Google’s new #SmallThanks Hub automatically creates digital & printed marketing assets for SMBs

So Google is at it again and they are striving to make sure that their business listings are accurate and genuine. Here we can see how they are creating marketing materials for any business based on the reviews and comments posted to the business listing. If nothing else this should give you ideas on what you should be doing with your reviews and comment!

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How to Combine SEO & Content for Bigger Wins

As a content marketing company, we already know the intrinsic connection between these 2 factors but we always think it is worth reminding everybody how it works. Here we have SearchEngineJournal.Com describing in a great way how your content can help you to increase your visibility in the search engines. of all sizes – from SMBs to large enterprises – need a cohesive approach to truly dominate the digital marketing front. If you want to achieve online success, aligning your SEO and content marketing strategies is crucial. Hart and Trappe talked about how companies can make their SEO and content teams work together to score bigger marketing wins.

If you want to have a chat about how to create content, or even get it done by us, then feel free to get in touch here. In the spirit of the next article, we don’t charge for a chat but we will if do any services for you. We all have lives to fund, right?

‘Authenticity means admitting you want to sell stuff’

This is an absolute must in terms of authenticity as every business’s fundamental reason for being is to make money. We know our services create value for a business like yours and that we help to stimulate the local economy. We love that and that is why we started in the first place. Bottom line though, we can’t do that if we can’t feed and clothe ourselves and our families, so why try and hide the fact? MarketinWeek.Com agree and tell us why. idea that brands must be authentic has gone from being a vague notion about how brands should behave to something of a dogma that must be upheld. Of late, there has been a proliferation of the word ‘authentic’ being used in copy (because, after all, what’s more authentic than telling people you’re authentic?). What’s changed is that brands have forgotten the inherent paradox of ‘selling’ authenticity, and the skill, wit and intelligence it takes to do so.


2018 Budget: Where will marketers spend their dollars?

While not many of us can afford to follow the big blue chip companies in their marketing spend, we can afford to see what they believe is a worthwhile place to be spending it. Here we have Marketing-Interactive.Com casting their eye over where they believe those marketing monies will be spent. than half (61%) of communications and marketing leaders expect more budget going into content creation over the next 12 months, according to the Communications and Marketing Survey 2017/18 by integrated communications and marketing agency Cognito. On the other hand, 52% of those surveyed stated the budget for corporate communications will remain the same over the next 12 months. On the other hand, traditional advertising is predicted to be the biggest loser, with 49% of survey respondents indicating that budgets for this channel will remain the same, and 40% expecting it to decrease.

So that is the end of this week and another roundup finished. We hope you like what we are doing and the information we bring to you every week. Our aim is to make as much of it as useful as possible so you can increase your business reach and get more customers. Please let us know what you think by reaching out us as we love to know what you are up to and how you are using the information we are passing on.