Can you quickly build a Chatbot for Facebook messenger?

Can you quickly build a Chatbot for Facebook messenger?

In Social Media Marketing by Lloyd Bettell-Higgins

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Chatbots are fast becoming the new toy for marketing your business. In this article from, Kae Burdo gives a detailed description of what exactly the ‘Chatbot’ is and also how you can implement a Chatbot for Facebook Messenger in your business.

ChatbotsBuilder empowers small & medium digital marketing agencies and professionals to easily build complete and effective Facebook Messenger chatbots. Not only can you use them for your own for your business, they also enable you to resell the chatbots to clients. The platform also boasts an easy system and complete tutorials that will help you create, use, and sell Facebook Messenger chatbots.

If you are looking to implement this marketing strategy into your own business then Burdo provides a review of a new startup company called ChatbotBuilder, you can visit them here –

First – if you’re curious, you can go to their site and chat with some of the bots created with their platform. They have three example options: a web agency, a restaurant, and a real estate agency.


Some pundits liken the growth of Chatbots for Facebook Messenger to the growth of email back in the day! Click To Tweet

This marketing strategy is just destined to grow and some pundits even liken it to the growth of email in the early days. Do you remember back then when email marketing used to be a lot easier than it is today? Although it is still the best return on your money, £34 back for every £1 you spend if done right, it has become increasingly harder to make it work in your favour.

If you would like to see more about the potential growth of Chatbots then this is what @deanwithey covered in the Twittersphere recently.

Although Chatbots Builder is a great solution for those that are already marketing and tech savvy, that is not always the case and we know this. As a company, we love to build a Chatbot for Facebook Messenger or two so if you would like to know how you could use one in your business, remember to Contact Us for a chat. We love talking marketing and would love to discuss how you can utilise this new marketing platform in your business.