New Hashtag Options On Instagram

New Hashtag Options On Instagram

In Small Business Marketing, Social Media Marketing by Lloyd Bettell-Higgins

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So Instagram isn’t everybody’s cup of tea when it comes to marketing their business but it really shouldn’t be overlooked. Especially now there are new hashtag options on Instagram as introduced here by SocialMediaToday.Com where they explain how the new options can affect how you market on the platform.

New Hashtag Options On InstagramThe option makes sense – sometimes you’ll be interested in a specific topic, and having related posts added to your home feed will help you more easily track it. Twitter actually has a similar option in place for selected Moments – some Moments include a ‘Follow’ button, which enables you to follow any updates to that Moment as they come in, with related tweets inserted into your timeline.

If you were not too sure how to use hashtags then we would strongly recommend that you get our free Simple Instagram Marketing guide. It specifically teaches you how to use the platform to get your business in front of your prospective customers and how to convert them into paying ones. have always been a key part of an effective Instagram strategy, helping to boost reach, but as the platform has continued to grow, the more frequently used hashtags have become more and more crowded, making it harder to get your brand message to stand out in related streams.

This has lead to marketers looking for more niche tags to target, relative to their audience, or even to create their own, dedicated tags to help promote their businesses.

Now Hastags aren’t a new way to optimise your marketing efforts as Andrew Hutchinson explains himself

While you can already keep tabs on hashtags in certain social management apps, if you were considering targeting a smaller, more niche hashtag for your business, you could follow it and see what people are using it for, with related posts coming up in your feed, as you scroll through as part of your normal usage.

He goes on to explain the benefits from such a small addition

It seems like a small addition, like it doesn’t add a heap to the Instagram process. But there are opportunities in the function worth considering.

So as the new hashtag options on Instagram shows, the platform is being constantly improved and overhauled by it’s owner, Facebook. Sometimes it can be a real challenge for a business owner to keep up with all these changes so if you ever want to chat to us about how you can keep on top of all the changes, please feel free to contact us here.