Organic Social Media Marketing: Is It Still Relevant?

Organic Social Media Marketing: Is It Still Relevant?

In Small Business Marketing, Social Media Marketing by Lloyd Bettell-Higgins

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Although the landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years we still have to be mindful of the content we put on our Facebook pages regardless of how far organic social media marketing reaches. But as Facebook continually strives to earn more money by forcing us to pay for advertising, we have to ask ourselves, is it still a relevant marketing practice for a small business?

Here we have an interesting article from eMarketer.Com that explores both sides of the question. Especially now the times have changed we need to make sure our marketing efforts are made in the right place. As explained in the article; upon a time, social media marketing was very different than it is today. Marketers could open a page on Facebook, write a bunch of fun posts and watch the fan count go up. But that all changed when Facebook began drastically reducing the reach of organic (nonpaid) posts.


Although they are a larger company than most of us, Citi believes that they still need to concentrate on creating content for their Facebook and social media pages.

“While organic serves a key purpose within our broader strategy, we are very mindful that the creative must be top-notch to resonate, and that it strategically incorporates the proper hashtags to ensure relevance within the marketplace,” said Tad Ehrbar, senior vice president of global consumer social media and content at Citi.

But not everybody agrees that social still has its place for getting engaging content out to our prospective audiences

“You might as well take your budget to the bank, cash it out in greenback $20s, pile it up in the parking lot and light the money on fire,” said Ogilvy’s Marshall Manson.

Here at Bethig we agree with Lia Zneimer from WeWork.

In fact, according to WeWork’s director of social media Lia Zneimer: “Social media started because it was a conversation, and it was a way to react and respond directly—not only to your friends, but also to brands and to influencers and celebrities. I do think at the heart of it, there’s something about community and connection that paid [advertising] can’t replace.”

How do we get those conversations in front of the audience we want to attract though? This is the bit where the ads come in. Every business needs to have good and engaging content on their social media pages but you also need to use that ad spend you have been putting aside to make sure it gets in front of those people you want to attract into your business. The organic reach is intrinsically linked to advertising that content as well.

A lot of the big brands know this and are spending a lot of money on social advertising to make sure their content gets to their audience.

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eMarketer has spent the past few years documenting the rapid growth of paid social advertising. This year, US social network ad spending will surpass $21 billion, accounting for 25.5% of all digital ad spending. By 2019, social ad spending will top $31 billion, making up 29.4% of digital ad spending.

To bring it all together, even though the natural reach is starting to decline across all networks, we can not ignore the fact that we must have regular great content on our social pages. Organic social media marketing also needs to be supplemented with an advertising strategy that will get the great content in front of a bigger audience. That new audience are likely to engage and share with the content just as much as your existing audience.

If you want to have great content on your social media marketing channels but don’t know where to start or have the time to create it, make sure you get in touch and we can point you in the right direction.